The Arts

Year 5 band

The Arts Curriculum includes Music, Dance and Drama, Media Arts and Visual Arts. Within the arts at Turner School students are provided with opportunities that facilitate creativity and expression through a variety of mediums.  Students actively engage in the design, experimentation, refinement and resolution of an artwork or performance that gives consideration to the aesthetic elements of the art form.  Students build skills and understandings of the design process, an appreciation of various forms of art and the skills to critically reflect on the creative process and product. The interconnections between various art forms may play a part of this process.

The Visual Arts program is taught by specialist art teachers for students from Kindergarten to year six. Students experience and explore the elements of art, concepts of artists, artworks, world and audience. Students develop practical skills and critical thinking which informs their work as artists and audience and also explore design through developing understandings about line, shape, colour, form, direction and texture. Pottery, painting, printing, drawing, stencilling, papier-mache, fabric work, sewing, fabric dying and painting and various craft works are some of the experiences in which children participate. An emphasis is placed on skills, talking about art and creativity. Elements and Principles of Art

At Turner School we have specialist music teachers that teach our music program from kindergarten to year 6. The classroom music program develops musicianship through singing, movement and exploring a variety of musical instruments. Students listen to, compose and perform music from a diverse range of styles, traditions and contexts. Opportunities for performance before an audience are given at class and whole school level with public performances in and outside the school on a variety of occasions. The school also incorporates singing and music within class programs and has a rich tradition of community singing in assemblies and at community events.

In addition to our specialist music program, opportunities for performance and extended musicianship are offered through the ACT Education Directorate Instrumental Music Program's Brass Band program for selected children in years 5 and 6 who have been through an audition process, the school choirs, the Turner Trebles (choirs run by Toby Cole), the year 5 and 6 marimba group and the years 3 and 4 recorder ensemble.

In Dance and Drama, students use the body to communicate and express meaning through purposeful movement and language and gesture. Students are immersed in performing arts learning experiences throughout our inquiry units and they also have the opportunity throughout the year to participate in special performing arts events, such as the Wakakirri Dance Story, the North Canberra Schools' Performing Arts Spectacular and the ACT Education Directorate's Step into the Limelight arts festival.

Turner School has also celebrated since 2013 a biannual Artists' and Writers' Festival where we suspend regular school timetables to engage in a rich and diverse creative week that explores the arts.