Welcome to Turner School.

Acknowledgement to Country

Our website is your place to stay informed and connected. The snapshots provided in this site are a window into the school day, our processes and our educational programs. I welcome you to our 2023 school year and am delighted to introduce our 2023 team:

Turner Learner

School Leadership Team

  • Allison Edmonds – Principal
  • Heather Hill – Deputy Principal
  • Antonia McGuire – Deputy Principal & Inclusion Officer
  • Jocelyn James – Preschool/Kindergarten Team Leader
  • Jess Engele – 1/2 Team Leader
  • Kayla Gifford – 3/4 Team Leader
  • Tilly Cave – 5/6 Team Leader

Our team of staff for each team can be found here.

Our Front Office Team:

  • Business Manager - Deb Parr
  • Office Staff - Laura Patrick, Ann-Maree Caughey, Elisabeth Judd and Alex Serras