Health and Physical Education

Students cheering at swimming carnival

Turner School is a Health Promoting School. At Turner we aim to display in everything we say and do, support for and commitment to enhancing the emotional, social, physical and moral wellbeing of all the members of our community. Turner School is a strong values based school. It uses the acronym SCARFF (Support, Cooperation, Acceptance, Respect, Friendliness and Fun) as the values that underpin the valuing of relationships and working respectfully and cooperatively together. Restorative Practices are applied across all levels and situations in school life, including the playground and within a climate of strong collegial support. The school is inclusive of all.

The learning curriculum is organised into two content strands:

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and emotional skills (refer also Social and Emotional Learning section under curriculum) are explicitly taught and are incorporated into the Health Curriculum as is a Personal and Social Development Program for senior students. The Right To Know program is especially designed for students with a disability.

Turner School is a KidsMatter School. KidsMatter aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of students. Turner School works to strengthen students' protective factors by creating a positive school environment, embedding social and emotional learning for students in the curriculum and establishing collaborative working relationships with families.


Learning about personal, social and community health also incorporates developing understandings about the different components of health and development and the contextual factors that contribute towards this and how to make decisions about health, safety and wellbeing.

Students are supported to access information, products, services and environments to take action to promote the health and wellbeing of themselves and their communities.

We have a 'fruit/vegetable Break' during the morning session and encourage healthy eating.

Movement and Physical Activity

Physical fitness activities are undertaken daily throughout the school. Emphasis is placed on developing fundamental motor skills to assist children in becoming competent in a range of sports and skills and understandings about sports are explicitly taught.

Learning about Movement and Physical Activity incorporates building skills and understanding of play and fundamental motor skills. There is a strong focus on acquiring and practicing broad range of movement skills. Students explore how and why the body moves and what happens to our body when it moves. Students work to develop skills and dispositions necessary for lifelong participation in physical activities.

A big part of these lessons is also the development of personal and social skills that can be developed through participation in movement and physical activities such as communication, decision making, problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, and cooperation, persisting with challenges and striving for enhanced performance.

As well as PE and fitness sessions, teaching teams have sporting clinics at different times of the year in a range of sports. As children progress through the school, team sports are arranged. Turner is a member of the Primary Schools Sport Association and children are eligible for selection in regional representation in a range of sports. Each year Turner School holds an Athletics Carnival with track, field and novelty events, a Swimming Carnival and Cross Country Carnival. Children may progress from our carnivals onto North Canberra, ACT or National representation.

We have a multi-purpose room with a range of equipment that teachers use with classes to develop coordination, balance and gross motor skills.

A Swimming Program is offered each year by an approved association. Selection of students for the swimming program prioritises non-swimmers. In addition to this, from 2015 all Year 2 students will participate in a water safety and awareness program that has an in class and as well as a practical component.

Weekly hydrotherapy sessions are available for identified students as a part of meeting Individual Learning Plan goals and a horse-riding program at Pegasus in Holt is available for year 4 children who are selected and assessed as benefitting from the program as a part of their therapy. Bike riding is also provided for students with Individual Learning Plan goals to develop balance, coordination, muscle strength and awareness of road safety.

Three mornings per week our students can access Boot Camp run by Turner staff. There is a range of sporting equipment available for borrowing to students at playtime and staff members encourage students to engage in games.

Sporting Houses

The school is proud to have four school houses named after 4 of Australia's past Governers General. The children participate in school sporting activities throughout the year and are encouraged to dress in their school house colours for the day.

Annual Carnivals