Addition and Subtraction Using a Number Line Video

Using a number line is a great strategy to support addition processes. For addition, the larger number goes at the left hand side then add the smaller number by jumping to the right. Number lines with numbers already written will support them with this strategy if needed. Open number lines can also be used for subtraction. The larger number goes on the right hand side and then jump backwards to the smaller number.


Playing Cards Video

Fun and engaging games with cards are a great way to build number understandings. As our number system is based on tens, it is vital children have a deep understanding of ten, including the numbers that combine to make 10. A regular deck of cards is a great resource to support this understanding.


Multiplication Part 1 Video

It is vital that children develop a deep understanding of what multiplication means before they try to memorise their times tables. Using resources that children can manipulate, such as counters, cars, toys etc, can support children to develop a concrete understandings of this abstract concept. Once children have developed a deep understanding of multiplication through groups, arrays, repeated addition, skip counting and number patterns and can work flexibly between these, they are ready to begin developing strategies to support their understanding of single digit number facts.


Multiplying Larger Numbers Video

It is important for children to learn multiplication in ways that build a deep understanding of place value and the number processes taking place whilst performing a multiplication operation. The video explores the blank rectangle or area method of multiplication and the Egyptian method of multiplication. These two methods provide tangible alternatives to the vertical algorithm, with a focus on building understanding, not just finding an answer.

Multiplying Larger Numbers


Children experience division very early on in life when they are asked to share. It is a natural process and one that most children are comfortable doing. The video explores the relationship between division and sharing, and offers a method that is easy to teach, and helps to build a deeper level of understanding than the traditional division algorithm.