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Monday 30 January 2017

Tuesday 31 January 2017
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Years 5/6 Leadership Retreat at Warrambui

Posted on 06 Apr 2016

Children climbing through a rope spider's web

What did you do at Warrambui? Ah, where to start? We did numerous things, each one better than the last! There was no time to waste so we started as soon as we got there. There was archery, orienteering, a tricky obstacle course and the mysterious mission survivor in which we had to get a bucket of ‘toxic waste’ into a safe place. But there were challenges, such as getting through a spider’s web, making a diamond blindfolded and going through some quicksand with just a couple of planks. We also had a movie night with popcorn.

So what did you learn about yourself from being at Warrambui? I learnt that it doesn’t matter who you work with as long as you work together to get the job done.

Harrison D

Swimming Carnival fun!

Posted on 04 Mar 2016

Children enjoying the swimming carnival

What a fantastic day the K-6 students had at the Swimming Carnival on Tuesday 1 March. The sun was shining, the water glistening and the students were cheering! It was great to see the house captains leading the cheers and everybody participating enthusiastically in both the junior and senior rotations.

Special congratulations goes to Stonehaven who come away with the most house points on the day. House results:

Stonehaven – 222 points Gloucester – 190 points
Gowrie – 186 points Isaacs – 158 points

Turner School would like to say a big thank you to Allison Chapman for organising the carnival and to Renee Gill, Alex Lily, Heather Walker and David Conley for representing the staff in the house relay.

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