Voluntary contributions

Student with hand up

Each year the School Board agrees on an amount for families to make as a voluntary contribution to our school. We have not increased the amount for a number of years in recognition of all the costs families face. The money goes directly into the school budget and supports students' learning and special curriculum projects across all years preschool through to year 6 this calendar year.

We put out the call for contributions at the start of term 2 and a reminder again at the start of term 4. Families may also like to make a donation to the Library Fund which is tax deductible. The Preschool Resources Payment is similar to the K-6 stationery pack.

Thank you for your financial contribution to our school.

Payments can be made by cash, bank transfer, cheque or credit card via QuickWeb. To pay your contributions:

  1. Download and print the Voluntary Contribution, Library Fund (tax deductible) and/or Preschool Resources Payment forms, or pick up forms from the Condamine St office, David St office or preschool
  2. Fill in forms
  3. Pay using one of the payment options – QuickWeb (credit card payments), bank transfer, cash or cheque
  4. Return forms with payment details (and payment if cash or cheque) to the school to allow payments to be reconciled