Years 3/4 team updates

Years 3/4 students with sock puppets

From the Team Leader

Dear families

Welcome back! We are so excited to have our students filling our classrooms again. We have eight classes in year 3/4 and they are named after an Australian author’s book. The teaching team consists of:

The beginning weeks of term 1 have been spent getting to know each other and establishing classroom culture, structures and routines. We have also enjoyed spending time as a 3/4 cohort through P.E sessions and technology rotations. Camp at Birrigai in week 8 will be a highlight for the 3/4 team and we are looking forward to the adventure activities and further team building.

At Turner, we have a consistent focus on developing each child’s learning assets and dispositions to live and learn successfully in the 21st century. In 3/4 we begin the year focusing on being a self-manager. Focus on this asset at the beginning of the year supports the development of student agency and independence as a learner. With this focus, all students learn fostered by an inquiry mindset where curiosity, personal interests and wonder is valued.

Kind regards

Emily Gregory | 3/4 Team Leader

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