Support Programs

Turner School works closely with families to ensure that each student in supported and achieving in all aspects of their learning as well as being able to access intervention to support learning as required.Four tier pyramid diagram, top tier: Referral for support (School Psychologist, Disability Support, Therapist, Companion House, medical etc) Second tier: Short term 5 week in-class targetted support for students (identified through assessment data, case management, and student support processes) provided by EAL/D teachers, Disability coach and Literacy and Numeracy coaches and additional Literacy and Numeracy teachers. Third tier: In class general support of students and shoulder to shoulder coaching provided by EAL/D teachers, Disability coach and Literacy and Numeracy coaches (5 week periods). Bottom tier: High quality instruction for every student by the class teacher supported by whole school and team evidence based approaches. Students are active and engaged in their learning. LSAs and where identified, teachers, support students with ILP implementation. Parents/carers and other volunteers provide classroom support. Adjacent to top tier: Referral to Student support meeting. Parent/carer involved if outside referral. Adjacent to second tier: Case management referrals for literacy and numeracy learning. Letter to parent/carer for targetted support.

Support for Student Learning

All teachers are continually assessing each child's knowledge and understanding of all learning areas in order to plan and individualise the support they need to continue to develop, grow and improve in their learning. We have a suite of assessment tools, processes and practices and a team of additional teachers who support classroom teachers with children's learning. Teachers are supported in administering and analysing assessment information and in identifying the best strategies to apply. Teachers use a variety of assessment tools including individual formal assessments, observations, and 1:1 conferring.

The monitoring of every child's learning is carried out at the class level, whole year level and whole school level and overseen by executive teachers, literacy and numeracy and EALD teachers, the disability coordinator and executive staff. The Literacy and Numeracy Team (including school executive staff, EAL/D teachers and Disability, Literacy and Numeracy coordinators) oversees and monitors processes to intervene and support the additional learning needs of all Turner students.

The monitoring process then triggers the additional supports and interventions a child might require to ensure their learning is progressing and that they are meeting learning goals. This also ensures teachers can talk to parents about their child's learning and work in partnership with them. Turner School has a Disability coordinator, Literacy coordinators, Numeracy Coordinators and English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) teachers. These skilled teachers provide coaching and support to teachers and work with students who have been identified with additional language, literacy or numeracy needs. The support is tailored to individual needs and is an in-class model of support with short intensive individual support as required.

Support Social and Emotional Learning

A school psychologist is assigned to the school three days a week. Referrals can be made by staff, students and parents/carers by contacting the front office.

Throughout the year, the Student Support Team (including the school psychologist and school executive staff) is available to support the additional social, emotional and behavioural needs of students.