Class Parent Contacts

Each class at Turner School has a Class Parent Contact (or a small group of volunteers) who work with the teacher and help to co-ordinate a parent network for that class. As well as classroom events, the Class Parent Contact organises social events to help build an inclusive supportive community. In the past some events have included organising:

  • a class play date at O'Connor Park or Black Mountain Peninsula
  • a coffee with some of the parents after changing books in the morning or before afternoon pick up
  • a child-free dinner with other parents, or
  • a class group to help out on a particular stall at the fete.

Sign up to be on your child's class contact list here

How to sign up: How to sign up to the Class Parent Contact list.pdf (167 KB)

Sign up sheets


PSH (M-W) Susan Hough
PSSM (M-W) Sandra Shepley
PSSW (W-F) Sandy Home


KSK Salma Khan and SKLA Liga Ailte
KLO Leanne Oxley
KCM Chelsea McKenzie

Year 1/2

1/2LF Lauren French
1/2EM Erin McMahon
1/2DC David Conley and S1/2HW Merilyn Hancock/Jenny Woodham
1/2CEM Celeste Murphy and S1/2AU Amanda Usher
1/2SN Sammy Noble
1/2CAM Carolyn Macleod

Year 3/4

3/4KC Kristina Charman
3/4LS Leonie Straiton
4EJ Eddie Jenkins
3/4AL Alex Lilly
3/4IS Iesha Siotis and S3/4MM Michael McDougall and S3/4EM Jess Engle, Sharon Moloney
3/4HK Hana Kramer/Roger Rosser

Year 5/6

5/6CB Clive Beecham and S5/6LK Lydia Kepich/Heather Walker
5/6EG Emily Gregory
5/6NC Nick Collins and 5/6LS Lyndsey Simcoe
5/6CK Charlotte Kewley and S5/6HM Helen Middleton


Choir Contact List


Year 5 Band Parent Contact
Year 6 Band Parent Contact

Contact the coordinators Robyn Thurecht ( or Anne Napier ( NOW and register your interest for 2017.