Years 5/6 team updates

Year 5 class

From the Team Leader

What a wonderful start to the year we have had in 5/6 so far! We have hit the ground running and have spent time developing our understanding about ourselves as learners and have developed our strengths and weaknesses across the five learning asset focus areas: communicating, collaborating, self-managing, thinking and researching. All of our learning aims to provide rich experiences that empower every child to build their understanding and ability in each of these areas.

This term all classes have a renewed focus on developing each child’s learning assets and dispositions. We have started the year by inquiring into the concept of ‘leadership’. Students are exploring the qualities and attributes of leaders, how we can foster these within ourselves and how they can be leaders in their own learning journeys. Teachers create and foster environments that support children to build their independence and confidence in their learning.

Term 1 also brings with it our year 5/6 camp to Cooba and the chance to strengthen relationships. Our time away at camp is a great opportunity to practise our learning asset focus areas, particularly self-management, communication and collaboration. The 5/6 teachers have worked with the experienced staff at Cooba and have developed a program full of fun and exciting learning experiences to support growth in these areas.

Social and emotional learning is a major focus in all 5/6 classrooms. The focus this term is to re-establish and expand student friendships in their new classes and across the 5/6 classes. The teachers intentionally tailor programs and experiences to ensure that every child has a wide variety of opportunities to explore and develop their friendships. Classes also establish shared protocols for their weekly class meeting structures. Class meetings will provide a rich platform for children and classes to discuss issues and problem solve solutions to class issues, as well as contribute more widely to the Turner school community.

There are 8 classes in the 5/6 team in 2019. They are:

  • Georgia Stephens - 5/6GS
  • Kailee Tindale - 5/6KT
  • Clive Beecham - 5/6CB
  • Erin McMahon - 5/6EM
  • Sofia Ritman - 5/6 SR
  • Darcy McMahon - 5/6DM
  • Tianna Park - S5/6TP

supported by our learning support assistants Julie Humphreys (M) and Brenda Croft (Tues-Fri)

  • Helen Middleton - S5/6HM
    supported by our learning support assistants Karen Adams (M-W) and Marlene Demczyszyn (Th-Fri)

Every teacher writes a letter to parents that outlines learning and information pertinent to the upcoming term. These are a great way for you to have a ‘window’ into the classroom and catch up with what is happening this term so please have a look at the class letters below.

Thank you to all families for all that you do to support us and your child at our school! We greatly value parent volunteers and expertise in our classrooms so please speak to your child’s teacher if you are interested in volunteering your time.

If you have any questions about our 5/6 classrooms or would like to chat, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school on 6142 2430.

Warmest regards,

Iesha Siotis
5/6 Team Leader