Years 5/6 team updates

Year 5 class

From the Team Leader

In 2017 there are five mainstream classes and two small group classes in the 5/6 team. Each class has chosen the name of an Australian author as part of our celebration of literature and art. Our teachers this year are: Helen Middleton teaching the 5/6 Story Wizards, Lydia Kepich (Mon-Wed and Friday) and Heather Walker (Thurs) who teach 5/6 Graeme Base, Emily Gregory who teaches 5/6 Wicked, Clive Beecham who teaches the 5/6 Red Kings, Charlotte Kewley who teaches 5/6 Anh Do and Lyndsey Simcoe and Nick Collins who team-teach 5/6 Oditorium. Our classes are located on the top level on the eastern end of the Condamine St. corridors and in the rooms that adjoin the staffroom.

We’ve had a highly successful start to the year. Feedback from interviews has been terrific with the resounding message being the wonderful culture that is present in every 5/6 classroom.

The second half of the year brings with it a number of changes. For our year 6 students it is the uncertainty of high school that looms just over the horizon. It is a feeling that we will work hard to dispel and ensure that the transition becomes one of excitement rather than trepidation. One of the ways we do this is through inviting ex-Turner students to come and talk with our year 6s. They recount their experiences, answer questions, and ultimately leave our students feeling that this high school thing might not be so bad after all.

For our years 5 students it’s leadership. Becoming a year 6 brings with it a number of opportunities. One such opportunity is the chance to take on an official leadership position within the school. In the coming months we will be electing our school and sports captains for 2018. Whilst these positions are important, remind your child that everyone can be a leader, regardless of their official title.

At the end of this term we will be hosting our annual Student Led Conferences (Learning Journeys). Student Led Conferences provide a terrific opportunity for your children to share their learning and showcase their classroom

As team leader I am always willing to chat to parents of 5/6 children about any business to do with our team and classrooms. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school on 62056622.

Thank you for all you do to support us and your child at our school.

Sam Hardwicke
5/6 Team Leader

5/6CB Red Kings 2017 term 3 letter (pdf icon 467KB)
5/6CK Ahn Do 2017 term 3 letter (pdf icon 469KB)
5/6EG Wicked 2017 term 3 letter (pdf icon 559KB)
5/6LS and 5/6NC Odotorium 2017 term 3 letter (pdf icon 543KB)
S5/6HM Story Wizards 2017 term 3 letter (pdf icon 470KB)
S5/6LK Graeme Base 2017 term 3 letter (pdf icon 466KB)