Years 5/6 team updates

Year 5 class

From the Team Leader

In 2017 there are five mainstream classes and two small group classes in the 5/6 team.  Each class has chosen the name of an Australian author as part of our celebration of literature and art. Our teachers this year are: Helen Middleton teaching the 5/6 Story Wizards, Lydia Kepich who teaches 5/6 Graeme Base, Emily Gregory who teaches 5/6 Wicked, Clive Beecham who teaches the 5/6 Red Kings, Charlotte Kewley who teaches 5/6 Anh Do and Lyndsey Simcoe and Nick Collins who team-teach 5/6 Odditorium.  Our classes are located on the top level on the eastern end of the Condamine St. corridors and in the rooms that adjoin the staffroom.
We’ve had a terrific year. Both students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to welcome you into their classrooms during learning journeys to share the incredible learning that has taken place this year.

In term 4 our 5/6 classes run Personal Development sessions. These sessions work to prepare students for the physical and emotional changes that will take place in the coming years. This learning will be undertaken as a partnership between home and school. We will send home regular correspondence so that you can support your child/children with their learning. As parents and educators it is essential that we actively seek out opportunities for discussion with our children. We discuss potential situations and scenarios and pose questions like; ‘What else could they have done to achieve a better outcome for all involved?’ We want our children to be ready to tackle life’s speed bumps and we want to remain approachable adults that our children can talk to. Moreover, we want our children to be resilient active and informed citizens that feel comfortable in removing themselves from situations in which they feel uncomfortable and not succumbing to the pressures from their peers. To learn more SHFPACT have a number of resources available on their website and Turner School has a range of books that can be borrowed from the school library.

As team leader I am always willing to chat to parents of 5/6 children about any business to do with our team and classrooms. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school on 62056622.

Thank you for all you do to support us and your child at our school.

Sam Hardwicke
5/6 Team Leader

5/6CB Red Kings 2017 term 4 letter (pdf icon 392KB)
5/6CK Ahn Do 2017 term 4 letter (pdf icon 386KB)
5/6EG Wicked 2017 term 4 letter (pdf icon 0KB)
5/6LS and 5/6NC Odotorium 2017 term 4 letter (pdf icon 473KB)
S5/6HM Story Wizards 2017 term 4 letter (pdf icon 484KB)
S5/6LK Graeme Base 2017 term 4 letter (pdf icon 464KB)