Years 5/6 team updates

Year 5 class

From the Team Leader

What a fantastic start to the year. Our time at Birrigai was terrific. It helped our students to bond as a cohort and build their capacity as leaders.

During term 2 all students in 5/6 participate in the Rostrum Public Speaking Competition. Public speaking can be an area that causes some angst. Please support your child through this process and encourage them to engage with the examples given on the Rostrum website:

This year we will be holding our third STEAM (STEM) Festival; a time when students and staff shelve their regular learning programs and throw themselves into a world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Keep your eyes open as more details will be available soon and we will be continuing to seek volunteers to support us with the Festival.

In 2018 there are five mainstream classes and two small group classes in the 5/6 team.  Each class has chosen their name as part of our focus on Australia and space. Our teachers this year are: Helen Middleton who is teaching the 4/5/6 HM Supernovas, Michael McDougall who teaches 4/5/6 MM Supernovas, Emily Gregory and Charlotte Kewley who team-teach 5/6 Karlie Noon, and Lyndsey Simcoe, Nick Collins and Georgia Stephens who team-teach 5/6 Wurdi Youang.  Our classes are located on the top level on the eastern end of the Condamine St. corridors and in the rooms that adjoin the staffroom. Clive Beecham and I work across all 5/6 classes to support students with their learning.

As team leader I am always willing to chat to parents of 5/6 children about any business to do with our team and classrooms.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school on 6142 2430.

Thank you for all you do to support us and your child at our school.

Sam Hardwicke

5/6GS, NC & LS Wurdi Youang term 2 letter
5/6CK & EG Karlie Noon term 2 letter
S5/6MM Supernovas term 2 letter
S5/6HM Supernovas term 2 letter