Years 3/4 team updates

Years 3/4 students with sock puppets

From the Team Leader

Welcome to 3/4 for 2017!

We are delighted to be back at school for another great year. We are excited about our Artists’ and Writers’ Festival coming later this year. To celebrate the 3/4 classes are named after famous Australian Authors and Illustrators.

There are 8 classes that make up our 3/4 team this year, 6 mainstream classes and 2 small group classes. Due to our numbers, we have a straight year 4 class this year. Teaching in our mainstream classes this year are Kristina Charman (3/4 Magic Carpets), Leonie Straiton (3/4 Jumbucks), Eddie Jenkins (4 Gizmos), Alex Lilly (3/4Our Place), Iesha Siotis (Unstoppable Pelicans), Hana Kramer, who will be working Mon-Thursday and Roger Rosser, working on the Fridays (Moon Bears). The small group classes are in a co-located classroom this year with Jess Engele, Sharon Moloney and Michael McDougall (3/4 Jazz Musicians). The Learning Support Assistants are Helen Misa and Jayne McDonald. This year the 3/4 classes are all located in the lower level of the Condamine Street building with one class, 3/4 Moon Bears) directly upstairs.

The leadership of the 3/4 team will be with Sharon Moloney for week 1 to 3, then Iesha Siotis for the remainder of the term while Sharon steps into the acting Deputy Principal role. Erika Parkinson will be taking Sharon’s teaching role whilst she is in this position and Roger Rosser, who is already a member of the 3/4 team, will be on Iesha’s class.

Term 1 continues our work on fostering an inquiry mindset and looking at the skills/assets and dispositions we need to be life-long, successful learners. The focus for Term 1 is seeing ourselves as self-managers and communicators. Self-mangers are resilient, responsible and reflective and communicators are confident, responsive and respectful. These skills are transferrable across all areas of learning and into our own lives. They also support us to manage ourselves as individuals – what we want all our children to be and do!

We are very fortunate to be leading such a dynamic and passionate team of teachers and are looking forward getting to know our new students and those who have made the leap to the senior side of the school.

If you have any questions about our programs or would like to chat with us, please don’t hesitate to contact the school on 6205 6622.

Sharon Moloney and Iesha Siotis
3/4 Team leaders

3/4AL Our Place term 1 letter (pdf icon 0KB)
3/4HK Moon Bears term 1 letter (pdf icon 0KB)
3/4 IS Unstoppable Pelicans term 1 letter (pdf icon 0KB)
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S3/4EM and S3/4MM term 1 letter (pdf icon 0KB)