Years 3/4 team updates

Years 3/4 students with sock puppets

From the Team Leader

This semester has seen the 3/4 students immersing themselves in the STEAM Festival ‘Sustainability: our obligation through collaboration’. This tuned them into the theme of sustainability and their term 3 Inquiry concept word ‘change’. Students have formed Project Based Learning (PBL) groups and have created questions linked to the driving question “How can we use sustainable practises to change the effect pollution has on the world around us today?”

Students will continue researching the learning assets and dispositions and understand how knowing and using these dispositions can enhance their learning, whilst teachers will foster environments and put systems in place to guide students into being confident 21st Century learners. The learner asset focus for this term is on being a good collaborator and will focus on skills such as; demonstrating respect, working with different people and negotiating and resolving conflict.

Developing and fostering a growth mindset continues to be a significant focus in the 3/4 team to assist students in expanding and establishing friendship groups in their class and different classes across the school. Whole 3/4 sport will begin again this term and provide the students with choice, as well as opportunities to develop new friendships across the cohort.

There are 8 classes in the 3/4 team in 2020:

  • Jess Engele and Kristina Charman: 3/4 EC
  • Effie Logan: S3/4 EL
  • Eddie Jenkins: 3/4 EJ
  • Cath Blake: 3/4 CB
  • Alex VanDeRhee: S3/4LC
  • Kayla Gifford: 3KG
  • Laura Langston: 3/4 LL
  • Tianna Park: 3/4 TP
  • Learning Support Assistants (LSA): Blair Rivers and Marlene Demczyszyn; Barb McCormick and Dilan Saydan

Thank you to all families for all that you do to support us and your child at our school! If you have any questions about our 3/4 classrooms or would like to chat, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher via email or phone the school on 6142 2430.

Kindest regards,

Jess Engele | 3/4 Team Leader