Years 1/2 team updates

From the Team Leader

Years 1/2 puppets

Dear Families,

Our eight (8) classes in the 1/2 corridor are named after stars and constellations.

Amanda Usher – S1/2AU Draco

David Conley – 1DC Hercules

Melanie Akhurst – 1/2CM Aquila

Katrina Harding – S1/2KH Kuma Stars

Sammy Noble – 1/2SN Centaurus

Carolyn Macleod/Effie Logan– 1/2MA Hydra

Tilly Cave – 1/2TC Pegasus

Michelle Wilson – 2MW Pegasus

The 1/2 classes are named after stars and constellations to align with our Space focus for our STEAM Festival. A highlight from last term was our STEAM Festival, especially our 1/2 STEAM rotations and special presenters resulting in rich learning and sharing across the school. Other highlights from last term were the wonderful learning journeys your child/ren took you on, our focus on students having their say, learning assets and their dispositions and skills, and editing our learning using the ‘bump it up’ strategy. This focus continues in term 4.

The last term of the year sees excited students and teachers using our beautiful outside learning areas. Some classes are learning about what to plant in our garden beds, while the Free Rangers are planting and maintaining other garden beds for the 1/2 team. We have been enjoying the warmer days using these flexible spaces for learning, sharing, performing and reflecting, along with social lunches to develop and extend learning partnerships and friendships which we do intentionally to support transitions to 2019 class placements. Sitting outside under the warm sun talking and eating with peers has initiated interactions between students and the conversations these experiences generate are priceless! The term also sees preparation for our concert. You may hear our special children’s songs being sung  at home, they are beautiful and we look forward to performing them at the concert.

The teachers all write detailed letters to families at the start of each term. Be sure to read what is happening in your child’s class.

Warmest regards,

Carolyn Macleod

1/2 team leader

1/2CM Aquila term 4 letter
1/2MA Hydra term 4 letter
1/2SN Centaurus term 4 letter
1/2TC Pheonix term 4 letter
1DC Hercules term 4 letter
2MW Pegasus term 4 letter 
S1/2AU Draco term 4 letter
S1/2KH Kuma term 4 letter