Years 1/2 team updates

From the Team Leader

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Dear Families,

Our eight (8) classes in the 1/2 this year are named after Indigenous plants and places.

The teachers and class names are:

Josie Floyd – 1/2JF Mudda

Heather Walker  – S1/2HW Wolway

Amanda Usher – S1/2AU Gamburra

Tilly Cave – 1/2TC Gamburra

Taneal Proctor – 1/2TP Yerradhan

Melanie Akhurst – 1/2MA Wolway

Sammy Noble – 1/2SN Nummerak

Carolyn Macleod/Michaela Hale – 1/2MM Dulwa

This year the 1/2 team are building on the elements of Learner Assets (skills and dispositions).  Learner Assets complement and enhance our team’s focus over the past couple of years of instilling a growth mind set and resilience in students. We begin the year focusing on being a self-manager which is embedded in our school’s SCARFF values. Focus on this asset at the beginning of the year supports the development of independent and responsible learners. It also builds a strong foundation to be risk-takers throughout their school years. Learner Assets are what we want to be (thinkers, researchers and communicators) and the skills and dispositions underpin them (risk taking, perseverance, open mindedness). Some classes have recorded this with learning reflections, while others have explored the Learner Assets through role plays and stories. Throughout the corridor the same language used in the form of ‘I/we are’ statements. Your child might have already told you some of these.

The team’s term letter outlines our focus for the term. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school on (02) 61422430 if you have any concerns or feedback, or your class teacher for further information.

Warmest regards,

Carolyn Macleod | 1/2 Team Leader

Year 1/2 Term 4, 2020 Team Letter