Preschool team updates

From the Team Leader

Preschool students playing

Dear families,

My name is Celeste Murphy and I will be the acting P/K Team Leader for term 2. I have met some families last term at the Parent Reading Workshops. I am enjoying my new role and spending some time in preschool with your children.

There are 3 classes that make up the delightful preschool team which are led by Sandy Home and Sandra Shepley, as well as learning support assistants Trina Meredith and Helen Misa. Sandy Home and Helen Misa have done an exceptional job this last and will continue in their role for term2.

Across Turner School, classrooms are humming with talking and learning around learning assets and dispositions. Preschool students continue to develop their learning asset of being a ‘self manager’ to develop:

  • Responsibility for their own belongings and their learning environment
  • Play scenarios independently
  • Skills to reflect their own learning and make choices about what they do next
  • Self-regulation of their own behaviour and reflect on the impact it can have on others

This term, preschool children are learning how to be an ‘effective communicator’.  Children have many opportunities to engage in indoor and outdoor learning spaces that facilitate authentic oral language, talking and listening experiences and structures and routines that foster language development. As mentioned in the term 2 letters, you can support your child in their oral language development by using prompting questions to support them to reflect on their learning.

Turner School highly values our parent community and encourages all families to be involved in the school. We welcome families to participate in school activities and volunteering opportunities. Please contact your child’s preschool teacher to discuss possible opportunities to become involved in the classroom.

As team leader, my role is to share in your child’s learning and I am happy to discuss any business relating to the preschool. Please contact me at school on (02) 6205 6622 or via my e-mail

Warmest regards

Celeste Murphy
Acting P/K Team Leader

PSMW1 Munnagayi 2017 term 2 letter (pdf icon 436kb)
PSMW2 Gulambanys 2017 term 2 letter (pdf icon 471kb)
PSTHF Gudgauar 2017 term 2 letter (pdf icon 437kb)