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From the Team Leader

Preschool students playing

Dear families

With the end of the year fast approaching children, families and schools are starting to think of the coming year.  For the preschool children the transition to Kindergarten next year is a significant event in their lives.  Throughout the year the preschool team have been working on building the children’s self-management and collaboration skills to support their learning and assist with a smooth transition to kindergarten.  Over this term we have planned transition activities in which children will spend some time in the Kindergarten learning and play areas.  A parent workshop on ‘Setting your child up for success in Kindergarten’ is been held on Thursday, 29 November and I encourage preschool parents and carers to attend one of the sessions.

The spring term provides a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore the natural environment. In the preschool the children will be visiting the botanical gardens to explore pond life and to foster an appreciation and care for the natural environment.  We are very lucky in Canberra to have easy access to green spaces. Taking time to explore some of these places with your child is a wonderful opportunity to extend their understanding of the environment.

The preschool team includes three classes.

  • The Munnagayi group is led by Liga Ailte with the assistance of Meena.
  • The Gulambany group is led by Sandra Shepley with the assistance of Trina Meredith
  • The Gudgauar group is led by Sandy Home with the assistance of Trina Meredith

The Preschool team always welcomes volunteers to the program, whether it be on a regular basis or an hour when you can.  The children love to have adults join for activities and gain self-confidence in sharing their learning.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school on (02) 6205 6622 if you have any concerns or feedback,

Warmest regards,

Antonia McGuire
Preschool/Kindergarten Team Leader

PSMW1 Munnagayi term 4 letter
PSMW2 Gulumbany term 4 letter
PSTHF Gudgauar term 4 letter