Preschool team updates

From the Team Leader

Preschool students playing

Dear families,

I have recently joined the Turner School staff as the Preschool and Kindergarten Team Leader. Previous to taking this position I  worked in numerous schools in Canberra as a school leader and have a background in Early Childhood Education.  I have already met many families and look forward to the opportunity to meet many more as the year progress.

The preschool team includes three classes.

  • The Munnagayi group is led by Susan Hough with the assistance of Helen Misa.
  • The Gulambany group is led by Sandra Shepley with the assistance of Trina Meredith
  • The Gudgauar group is led by Sandy Home with the assistance of Trina Meredith

Term 3  is a busy one across the school, and our preschool teachers have planned many exciting opportunities for the children. As children continue to develop their sense of identity we will explore the culture, heritage, backgrounds and traditions within our preschool.  Giving children the opportunity to share their home culture helps children develop a strong cultural identity and is essential to children’s healthy sense of who they are and where they belong. Exploring culture provide children with windows into others life and fosters respect and celebration of difference.

Through the year the preschool children have been developing their early literacy skills.  This term they will explore the world of books and artists. Many of the planned activities will encourage them to think familiar stories and explore writing. If you are wondering how you can support your child at home remember you can never have too many stories. Your child’s teacher can also talk to you about activities you can do at home which relate more specifically to their stage of development.

The preschool team welcome volunteers to their program and would love families to share their home cultures with the preschool children over the term.  If you’d like to contribute please speak to your child’s teacher.  There are also other opportunities to contribute to the Turner School.  Please speak to me if you are interested.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school on (02) 6205 6622 if you have any concerns or feedback,

Warmest regards,

Antonia McGuire
Preschool/Kindergarten Team Leader

PSMW1 Munnagayi 2017 term 3 letter (pdf icon 426KB)
PSMW2 Gulambanys 2017 term 3 letter (pdf icon 424KB)
PSTHF Gudgauar 2017 term 3 letter (pdf icon 468KB)