Kindergarten team updates

From the Team Leader

Dear Families,

I have recently joined the Turner School staff as the Preschool and Kindergarten Team Leader. Previous to taking this position I worked in numerous schools in Canberra as a school leader and have a background in Early Childhood Education. I have already met many families and look forward to the opportunity to meet many more as the year progress.

There are 4 classes in the Kindergarten team. Their teachers and class names are

  • Chelsea McKenzie, KCM Magic Hat
  • Leanne Oxley, KLO Imagine
  • Salma Khan, KSK Extraordinary
  • Liga Ailte with the assistance of Karen, SKLA Sunshine

Term three will see the kindergarten children exploring their local environment and continue to build on their understanding of what makes places special to themselves and others. The children will focus initially on the internal and external environments of their homes and the school. This will be extended to include other environments they may be familiar with, for example the local shops, and environments that are important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. They will also be exploring mapping and create their own maps.

You can support your child in their learning by noticing features of the environment when you are out with your child and talking with them about places and services that are important to you as a family. Children also enjoy is looking at maps you use at home, both paper and electronic, and tracking routes you take. They may like to draw or print a map of a walk they taken to share with their class.

Throughout all learning activities the Kindergarten children are focussing on developing their communication skills. In inquiry into what makes a good communicator children will be asking:

  • How can I use my body and face as well as words to communicate effectively?
  • How do I listen carefully and show others that I am listening?
  • Can I confidently share my thinking and feelings?
  • Do I ask questions to help me understand?
  • Can I confidently share my thinking and feelings?

Term Three ends with our annual Learning Journeys. Learning Journeys provide a terrific opportunity for your children to share their learning and showcase their classroom. Please look out for further information on these.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school on (02) 6205 6622 if you have any concerns or feedback,

Warmest regards,

Antonia McGuire
Preschool/Kindergarten Team Leader

KCM Magic Hats 2017 term 3 letter (pdf icon 528KB)
KLO Imagine 2017 term 3 letter (pdf icon 541KB)
KSK Extraordinary and SKLA Sunshine 2017 term 3 letter (pdf icon 555KB)