Kindergarten team updates

From the Team Leader

Dear Families,

Welcome to Kindergarten. Beginning Kindergarten is an exciting time for children and while many are familiar with Turner School from preschool, moving into the ‘big school’ is a significant change for them.  They have adjusted wonderfully to their new classes and are learning kindergarten routines.

Across Turner School this year classes are named after a space theme.  We have four  classes in kindergarten and they are named after the four stars that have formally been recognised by their Aboriginal name. The names include three from the Wardaman people of the Northern Territory and one from the Boorong people of western Victoria. The Wardaman star names are Larawag, Wurren and Ginan in the Western constellations Scorpius, Phoenix and Crux (the Southern Cross). The Boorong star name is Unurgunite in Canis Majoris (the Great Dog).

The teaching team consists of:

  • Heather Walker, Karen Adam and Meena (SKHW Wurren)
  • Leanne Oxley (KLO Ginan)
  • Chelsea McKenzie (KCM Larawag)
  • Antonia McGuire and Cath Blake (KMB Unurgunite)

It is important to us the students at Turner School feel comfortable in the school environment. Building friendship is an important part of this and as such social and emotional learning is a major focus in the kindergarten classes this term.  We will talk a lot over term about what makes a good friend and how to share our thoughts and feeling respectfully.  We will also use class discussion times to problem solve common friendship issues.

If you have any questions about the Kindergarten program or your child’s progress please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or myself.

Antonia McGuire
Early Childhood Executive Teacher

KCM Larawag term 1 letter
KLO Ginan term 1 letter
KMB Unurgunite term 1 letter 
SKHW Wurren term 1 letter