Kindergarten team updates

From the Team Leader

Dear Families,

Our four kindergarten classes are very busy as the year draws to an end.  This term sees our community enjoying the fete and Turner Concert, as well as some special activities in the year one/two learning areas to assist with a smooth transition to year one. The children’s boundaries will also be extended as they are now able to play on the school oval.  If you have any concerns about your child’s transition to Year One you are welcome to speak to myself or the classroom teachers about this.

The classes teachers are:

  • Chelsea McKenzie, KCM
  • Leanne Oxley, KLO
  • Antonia McGuire and Cath Blake, KMB
  • Heather Walker with the assistance of Karen and Karen, SKHW

As teachers have begun some of their final assessments for the year they are excited to report how much students have learnt over the year.  In particular how much better the children are able to reflect on their learning. This term our classes will focus of the learning asset of thinking. Focusing on this asset helps children to be open-minded, flexible and persistent when approaching new learning.  Some key questions they will consider will include:

  • What thinking strategies I am using?
  • How can I stay focused on my thinking?
  • What I have learnt?
  • How does this learning connected with other things I have learnt?
  • How will I plan what I are going to learn/make?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school on (02) 6142 2430 if you have any concerns or feedback,

Warmest regards,

Antonia McGuire
Preschool/Kindergarten Team Leader

KCM Larawag term 4 letter
KLO Ginan term 4 letter
KMB Unurgunite term 4 letter 
SKHW Wurren term 4 letter