Kindergarten team updates

From the Team Leader

There are 4 classes that make up our kindergarten area this year and I am delighted to introduce our fabulous teaching team, Salma Khan, Chelsea McKenzie, Leanne Oxley and Liga Ailte (who will be working on our small group kindergarten class), as well as learning support assistant, Karen Adams.

In semester two this year we are looking forward to holding Turner School’s third Artist’s and Writer’s Festival. This year, to celebrate this festival our classes are named after Australian authors and illustrators. We have the KCM Magic Hats (Mem Fox), SKLA Sunshine (Anna Walker), KSK Extraordinary (Aaron Blabey) and KLO Imagine (Alison Lester). We have already conducted a mini inquiry into our class names and look forward to more discoveries as the year progresses.

Did you know that this year’s kindergarten students will graduate in the year 2028? It is for this reason that our children need more than just information or ‘knowledge’ in order to manage in our ever-changing society. They need the skills and dispositions to learn to be creative, innovative learners and to be able to communicate their understandings independently and confidently. This term, we will be supporting the kinders to become effective self-managers, which is one of the five main learning assets that will be a focus of learning across the curriculum at Turner School. Being a ‘self-manager’ in kindergarten means that  children can:

  • care for organise their own belongings
  • come up with ideas about their learning
  • think and talk about how we feel about our learning
  • take responsibility for their things and learning
  • set learning goals and work towards these
  • think about the effect our thinking and behaviour is having on others

Early in term 1 our mainstream kindergarten children will undertake the Performance Indicators in Primary School (PIPS) assessment. This program assesses the early reading and number skills of students in kindergarten in the ACT. Later in the term families will receive their child’s PIPs report.

At Turner School we value our parent community and encourage all families to be involved with our school whenever possible. We welcome families to participate in school activities, such as the swimming carnival in term 1 and excursions, as well as volunteering to assist in the classroom. Parents wishing to share a particular interest or expertise with staff and children are also welcome, especially if you have expertise that could enrich any of our inquiry units throughout the year. Please contact your child’s class teacher.

As team leader I am always willing to chat to parents of kindergarten children about any business to do with our team and classrooms. Please do not hesitate to contact me at the school on (02) 6205 6622. Thank you for all you do to support us and your child at our school.

Kind regards,

Julia Ison
Preschool/Kindergarten Team Leader

KCM Magic Hats term 1 letter (pdf icon 647KB)
KLO Imagine term 1 letter (pdf icon 603KB)
KSK Extraordinary term 1 letter (pdf icon 580KB)
SKLA Sunshine term 1 letter (pdf icon 566KB)