Library services

Preschool student reading

The Max Badham Library and Resource Centre is a wonderful resource for our children, staff and families. It houses our library and a number of meeting and training rooms.

Our library has a wide range of books and resources for students, families and teachers. The library is open for borrowing before school from 8:40–8:55am (with teacher or parent supervision), second half of lunch from 11:35–11:55am and after school from 3:00–3:15pm.

Student borrowing

  • Preschool one book per week
  • Kindergarten one book per week
  • 1/2 two books per week
  • 3/4 four books per week
  • 5/6 six books per week

Please note this is a guide, we can be flexible depending on student need.

Although students visit the library each week during class our loan period is two weeks. Students may renew their loan after this period if the book has not been reserved. Students may reserve popular books by speaking to library staff.

After two weeks, loans are overdue and students receive a reminder slip. After one month parents will receive a letter to ensure families are aware of the overdue book. After two months if the book is still not returned families will be asked to pay a $15 donation to replace the lost book and the book will be removed from the student account.

Students from year 1–6 will still be able to borrow if they have one overdue book however once they have more than one overdue book, borrowing will cease until at least one book is returned.

Students should have a library bag to protect library books between home and school.

Family borrowing

Our library has a range of books and resources for parents/carers and teachers. Families can open a family account and borrow a maximum of 20 books for up to one month.

Any questions, comments or feedback please contact our friendly library staff.