Before, during and after school activities

Students playing chess

Turner School has a range of onsite activities for students including:

  • School Age Care (before and after school care)
  • Preschool Care
  • Turner Trebles Choir
  • Turner After School Chess
  • Canberra Youth Theatre
  • Piano lessons
  • Celtic Arts - guitar and violin lessons
  • Junior Choir
  • Senior Choir
  • Green Rangers

Turner School Age Care (K-6)

Turner School Age Care provides before school (7.30–9am), after school (3–6pm) and school holiday care for children attending Turner School (K-6). Child Care Benefit and Rebate is available to eligible families.

Contact Jamie on 02 62473452 (after 2.30pm on school days) or visit the YWCA website for more information.

Turner Preschool Care

Turner Preschool Care provides after preschool care for children attending Turner Preschool. Child Care Benefit and Rebate is available to eligible families.

Contact 0417 436 853

Turner Trebles choirs

Tobias Cole directs the two Turner Trebles choirs – boys (8am Monday) and girls (8am Tuesday) in the Senior Hall. If your child enjoys singing and wants to develop his/her voice and musical skills in a choir directed by one of Canberra's leading singers and conductors contact Tobias on 0437 375 976.

Turner After School Chess

Turner School has advertised for a Chess Program for 2018 and this has not been filled as yet.

Canberra Youth Theatre

Canberra Youth Theatre runs after school Drama in Primary Schools workshops for year 5/6 students (Wednesday) and years 2-4 students (Thursday) in the Senior Hall.

Contact 02 6248 5057 or visit the Canberra Youth Theatre website for more information.

K-6 Piano lessons

Karthyani Krishnan offers piano lessons at Turner School before school, during the school day and after school for students from kindergarten to year 6.

Contact Karthyani Krishnan on 0401 405241 or 02 62486032.

Celtic Arts - guitar and violin lessons

Celtic Arts Agency offers guitar and violin lessons at Turner School during the school day for students from year 1 to year 6. The Agency has a philosophy of providing a broad musical education which includes sight reading, ear playing, theory, improvisation, rhythm, varied musical styles and general musicianship. We provide a friendly, non-judgmental environment in which to stimulate students.

Contact Sharon Casey on 0404 217 528 or .

Junior and Senior Choirs

Senior Choir, Senior Hall  – Tuesday lunch
Junior Choir, Junior Hall – Tuesday 8.30am
Harmony Ensemble (5/6), Senior Hall with  – Friday 8.30am

Green Rangers

Green Rangers meet once per week to look after chickens, garden and raise awareness of being a sustainable school.

Junior Green Rangers – Tuesday
Senior Green Rangers – Friday

Community after school activities in the local area

Click on this link to see what after school activities are run by parents from the school as well as close community members.